Je viens juste de découvrir que ce court film nommé "lighthouse" à été réalisé via Blender ! Comment j'ai pu rater une telle information ? Bref, voici quelques liens qui permettront de ce faire une idée du potentiel de blender : le film et le making of

Voici quelques extraits:
Modelling was done in Zbrush and 3DS Max, texturing in Photoshop, and animation, rendering and compositing (HD) was done in Blender. With a small team, tight deadline and complex set of shots to complete, Blender's referenced character system, skinning and rigging tools, and built-in render pass compositor helped a lot to keep the project manageable. During the project we did some custom open source development, including new ocean dynamic simulation and shading tools, and integrating code to render refractive dispersion. Patches for these are now available, and the functionality may likely appear in the next release of Blender.